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"Give me pizza, grab my butt and tell me how pretty I am."

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nigga if a girl wants to talk to you every minute of the day, wants to talk on the phone to hear your voice, wants you to send her pictures because she likes seeing your face, wants to introduce you to her friends and family, willing to travel distance for you, wants to smother you with affection, waits for you no matter how long, sticks by your side no matter how much wrong you’ve done

like dude she fucking loves you man dont fucking waste a good girl like that 

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"My nights are for overthinking, my mornings are for oversleeping"

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"I have so much of you in my heart."

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"Date someone who would rather watch your favorite movie with you then go to a party on Friday night. Date someone who will share their food with you even though you said you didn’t want any. Date someone who will warm your hands in the winter and kiss your pink nose. Date someone who will text you they love you at 2am and at 9pm. Date someone who will let you change the station in the car when they’re driving. Date someone who can make you smile when you would rather die. Date someone who makes your insides feel like you’ve just downed a bottle of vodka. Date someone who makes you better."

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That’s you. I want you

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"One day you’re going to see her holding hands with someone who took your chance. She won’t even notice you because she’s too busy laughing with the stupid jokes he makes. And it will burn your heart seeing that beautiful smile on her face and realizing that you’re not the reason anymore. And then it will finally hit you: it was her, it was always her."

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fresh from the box


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